Nurse Carol Cassidy visits single mother Barbara Gresham, who’s struggling to cope with her new baby boy. Carol tries to reassure Barbara but she has other things on her mind – an old friend, Janet, from Barnardo’s says she’s found Carol’s mother, Margaret, and they are staying at the Aidensfield Arms. But can’t decide if she wants to see her after all this time.

Carol meets Margaret, who tells her she was forced to give up both Carol and her brother after her father, an RAF pilot, died in action and she contracted TB. Meanwhile, Barbara Gresham tells Pc Joe Mason she’s being victimised, and Joe fears that she’s not mentally fit to care for a baby. But Carol’s adamant that Barbara is more than capable of looking after her son.

That night, Carol gets a call from Barbara’s neighbours and Joe breaks into Barbara’s house to find she’s taken an overdose. Waiting for the ambulance, weak Barbara tells Carol she wasn’t up to motherhood. Later, Janet tells Carol she must look after Margaret who’s dying of cancer. But Joe is suspicious when he learns that Janet has form for deception, theft and burglary…

Also, when they have little luck trying to find the Chief Constable’s dog, Pcs Wetherby and Younger call on Peggy to help. Reluctant, Peggy is eventually swayed by a £25 reward and the promise that Wetherby might drop the charges he has on her.