Carol’s test results come back positive

David finds out that Carol has missed a hospital appointment for her test results. Tricking Carol into going to the hospital, David waits for Carol as she goes to get the news. Unable to deal with the shock of a positive result, Carol lies to David that things are fine and she’s got the all-clear. Later, David comforts Carol and Bianca after Carol confesses that she has cancer and it may have spread.

Tamwar is in for a happy surprise when Masood returns from Pakistan with his sister Shabnam. Keen for Shabnam to accept his new life on the Square with Carol, Masood arranges for them to meet. When it’s clear that Shabnam doesn’t approve of Masood’s new romance a disappointed Masood feels stuck in the middle.

Sharon fills in Linda on her complicated past romances. Determined for things to work out this time, Sharon lays on a romantic meal for Phil, telling him that they need to be completely honest with each other. Later, when Sharon comes across Carl’s smashed phone covered in blood, she demands an explanation.

Also, Alfie is offered some shady work from Shirley after struggling for cash.