Harold is shocked when Toadie admits he told Sonya he wants her to be with Troy and urges Toadie to get back out there and tell her he didn’t mean it. Luckily for him there’s a knock at the door, and Harold is pleased to see Lou. At Charlie’s, Carolyn is less impressed with Lou and the feeling’s mutual when Lou tells Harold she’s a bit up herself. And despite Carolyn telling Harold no bucks party, Lou plans one anyway. But when Carolyn puts her foot down, Harold tells them they’ll all enjoy a night together.

Outside Charlie’s as Toadie’s on his phone, Sonya and Troy arrive. Toadie apologies for staring and Sonya reminds him he told her to move on and that’s what she’s doing. Trying to move forward, Toadie invites Troy to Harold’s bucks party. He accepts, but when Harold tells Troy he knows he’s trouble, Troy roughs Harold up, telling him to stay out of his way.

Mark, Jade and Kyle experience a few teething problems and Mark tells them they need some house rules. Between them they agree to a week’s trial with Mark doing the cleaning, Jade gardening and Kyle cooking. Thinking he can’t cook, Mark and Jade are shocked when Kyle cooks an amazing roast. However, they soon discover Kyle’s mum and gran cooked the food and make him do the gardening at night as punishment.

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