Carrie is appalled when she sees an article in the local newspaper detailing the King brothers’ arrest over Tom’s murder and she storms over to Home Farm and insists that she wants nothing more to do with them. Jimmy is upset that the brothers may not get to see Scarlett again and he protests their innocence. Carrie is unmoved and insists that the Kings buy out Scarlett’s shares as soon as possible. Matthew and Carl are both thrilled, despite Jimmy’s disappointment, but they realise the only way they could afford to buy her out is to sell Home Farm. Rosemary attempts to put a spanner in the works when she says that they can’t sell up without her consent.

Pollard apologises to David for the DNA deception and insists that things were different back then as he didn’t know David was his son. Meanwhile, Del tells David that she’s had enough of Pollard and Val and she wants to join him in taking revenge. David and Del transfer a small amount of money from Pollard’s business account into an anonymous account of their own. David is determined to eventually steal the same amount of money that Pollard conned from his mum all those years ago.

Also, Jack sees Billy in the village and approaches him to discuss adopting Daz and he’s confused when an irate Billy tells him that he’s completely against the idea. Jack visits Daz at the garage and asks for an explanation. Torn between Billy and Jack, Daz promises to speak to Billy for real. Later, Billy tells Daz that he’d hate to lose him to Jack and Daz feels trapped.