Carrie finds out about Kelly’s abortion

Carrie tries to get Scarlett to confide about the abortion, but Scarlett explains that she just went to the clinic with a friend. Carrie doesn’t believe her and wants to know who with and Scarlett finally caves in and confesses it was Kelly. She pleads with her mother not to tell anyone but Carrie refuses and goes straight to Home Farm and accuses Kelly of being a bad influence. Kelly begs Carrie not to tell Jimmy and she agrees as long as Kelly stays away from Scarlett.

Meanwhile, Carl asks Barraclough to meet him and, struggling to write her speech, she welcomes the distraction. He immediately tries to seduce her and it’s not long before they embrace. Afterwards, Barraclough opens up about her job and how it always infringes on her personal life. Carl warns her not to fall for him.

Also, Viv, worried not enough people will turn up to her parenting class, gets Bob to walk around the village with a sandwich board. A good audience turns up, but Viv is humiliated after they ridicule her parenting system. Viv is shattered that it went so badly and although Bob tries to reassure her he hopes she will now let it drop.