Carrie gets a surprise visitor

Carrie and Jimmy return from their business trip abroad and Scarlett arranges a big family dinner to welcome them back. But the dinner is interrupted by a mystery guest when Carrie’s little sister Lexi barges her way in. The Kings welcome Lexi to the family table but Carrie is less enthusiastic. She agrees to let Lexi stay, but she’s worried when she finds out that Lexi has recently had a stint in prison.

Jo goes to the farmers’ market with Sam determined to do well despite little encouragement from Andy. After a slow start, Jo manages to sell 25 litres of milk with the promise of more orders in the future. Andy turns up to visit her and he’s proud at what she’s achieved.

Terry feels a pang of jealousy after finding out about Louise’s fling with Jamie and he winds Jamie up about being Louise’s toyboy. Jamie fights back with a quip about Terry’s age, but Bob warns Jamie that Terry is bound to be tetchy given his and Louise’s history.

Also, Eli encourages Zak’s competitive spirit to prepare him for the big fight.