Carrie holds the key to Jimmy’s future

Jimmy apologises to Scarlett and Carrie for having a go at them for keeping Kelly’s abortion a secret from him and Scarlett hopes the family can get back to normal in the wake of the previous day’s events. Carrie later takes receipt of an important letter which holds the key to the future happiness of Kelly and Jimmy.

Debbie is still feeling down and Lisa encourages her to come to lunch at the Dingles and spend time with her and Sarah. Debbie starts to relax around her daughter, but she’s not pleased when Lisa is called into work and she’s forced to babysit. Lisa is pleased when she gets back home to see Debbie having a nice time with Sarah.

Paddy gets a visit from his policeman cousin Ross, who asks him to put him up for a few days. Ross is clearly keen on flirting with all the ladies and after an unsuccessful attempt at interesting Chas, he moves onto Donna. Paddy warns him that Donna is married – and she’s also a copper.

Also, Hilary tells Doug she’s got a job at the factory.