Carrie kisses Jimmy!

Jimmy tries to duck out of going to the strip club with Carrie to confront Lexi as he has to go through his wedding vows with Kelly. But the couple are interrupted when a desperate Carrie rings Jimmy and begs him to come along. Kelly is furious when Jimmy makes his apologies and leaves to help Carrie, who accidentally got Lexi sacked after having a go at Lexi’s boss. Carrie talks Jimmy into sharing a bottle of wine with her and she moves in for a kiss. A stunned Jimmy hurriedly leaves.

Kelly begs Eli to get hold of the incriminating picture of them kissing when Debbie taunts her. Eli agrees to help out Kelly and he chats up Debbie, hoping to win her confidence. Jasmine can’t believe that Debbie seems to be falling for Eli’s charms and Debbie rewards Jasmine with a mouthful.

Jack is worried when Victoria’s head of year comes to visit and complains about Victoria’s disruptive behaviour, but he’s defensive when Mr Brewer asks him if there have been any problems at home. Jack grounds Victoria, but he’s shocked when she spitefully tells him that Diane knew about her smoking.

Also, Louise decides to start a ladies’ quiz team.