Carrie leaves Emmerdale AND Scarlett

*One-hour episode*

Carrie informs Lexi of her plans to move to Canada with Scarlett, but Lexi has a plan to keep Scarlett – and her inheritance – in the village. Lexi pulls out all the stops to play on Scarlett’s emotions and convince her to stay and ropes Daz into her plan to convince her. Scarlett falls for Lexi’s plan and tells Carrie she wants to stay in the village. Carrie sadly agrees and she waves goodbye to Emmerdale.

Jimmy is worried about Scarlett being left in Lexi’s care as her guardian and trustee and reminds her that the family solicitors have the last say on who is Scarlett’s trustee for her shares in the business. Lexi talks Carl into backing her as trustee by offering him some fun in the bedroom and he in turn convinces Jimmy.

Val panics about doing the aerobatic stunt, but Diane forces her to go to the training session with Viv. By the time it comes to getting in the plane, Viv has also started to hyperventilate. Diane bravely steps forward with Bob and they take their place. Val then realises it’s time for her operation, and is even more terrified!

Also, Miles is shocked when Donald lets Nicola stand down as his nurse.