Carrie starts to doubt Jimmy

Carrie is upset about Jimmy’s failure to tell her that he loves her too and she is cool with Jimmy when he tries to apologise. Meanwhile, Scarlett is also upset with Jimmy for ‘paying’ Daz to take her out. Carrie is further infuriated when Jimmy is scathing about her getting pregnant with Lexi when she was a teenager and she tells Jimmy that it might be best if she and Scarlett leave the village.

Jonny starts up a dancercise class in the village hall, but the older members of the community find it difficult to follow his routine, as it’s more aerobics than dancing. Viv gets an idea after all the complaints for a charity fundraiser and decides to organise a dance competition.

Chas gleefully distributes pictures of Ross naked and handcuffed to the bed. Ross is horrified when he gets a copy of the original picture in the post but he’s even more horrified when he goes into the pub and sees the picture taped to the optics!

Also, Andy ropes in some help as he secretly decorates the barn for his wedding to an unsuspecting Jo; Eli discovers that he and Debbie will soon be homeless as Tug Ghyll is up for sale.