Will the Carters finally be forced to leave their beloved Vic?

Mick is doing everything he can in a last minute bid to get the money to save The Queen Victoria for the Carters but time is running out.

The Carters sadly pack up their belongings, as they realise that it’s their last day in the Vic with no money to stay in their home. Mick, however, doesn’t want to give up hope and does all he can to save his beloved pub. Is there any way the Carters will be able to stay?

Sonia encourages a downbeat Martin to fight for his marriage. Meanwhile, Stacey makes a call and gets an idea… Kush gives Martin some tough love and Martin agrees to let Stacey see the children. But is there anyway that he and Stacey can stand to talk to each other in a civil manner?

Karen is horrified when a furious Ted threatens to report her to her boss about burning holes in his laundry. Masood kindly steps in on Karen’s behalf and suggests a compromise, with Karen compensating Ted for the damage. Karen, however, tells Ted that she can’t afford to stump up any cash. Will he report her after all?