In London, Brax is taken to emergency with a suspected head injury. When he has a seizure and his symptoms worsen, the doctors try to contact his brothers, Bianca and Ricky for Brax’s medical history, but they all ignore the calls. When Casey finally arrives it appears to be too late to help – Brax has fallen into a coma and is flatlining. As Casey and Linda have an amazing first day together, she confesses she got on the tour bus because of him.

Linda brings Casey to her waterside London apartment and they take things to the next level. But after some post-coital flirting, Casey calls Brax’s phone back and leaves for the hospital immediately.

Chris serves his risotto at the Diner, as he prepares to woo Denny with his culinary skills. When Denny cancels their date, Chris leaves work early to go and surprise her, infuriating Irene. Moments later she and Sasha find a customer lying on the floor and call an ambulance, wondering if it’s due to Chris’s risotto. At the hospital, Nate is confused as Leah (who also ate the risotto), lies motionless in her kitchen.

Already upset that Ricky hasn’t returned his calls, Nate’s further enraged when Leah reveals that Brax is in London.