Casey and Sasha take a trip to the bush

Romeo mentions to Sasha that Casey’s been acting weird, so she heads over to check on him. Casey’s being a little moody but she thinks nothing of joining him for a drive into the bush, where Casey sets about chopping wood for a fire – to Sasha’s alarm, they’re camping for the night. She soon settles down when the atmosphere turns somewhat romantic and Casey kisses her. Unbeknown to them both, however, they’ve been followed…

John apologises to Marilyn at the Diner for involving her in his lies and, later, explains his reasons for his foolhardy actions to Gina. She eventually accepts his apology and things seem to get back to normal, except that John still feels left out… Meanwhile, Marilyn is left worrying that John may want more than friendship.

And Harvey sways between wanting to confess to Roo about sleeping with Mel and wanting to keep things secret. Realising that it will eventually catch up with him, he gives in to his guilt and reveals his infidelity to a stunned Roo.