Heath starts ribbing Casey and Tamara about their boring relationship. They admit to each other that things have been off between them, but decide to try and make it work.

Dex tells April that he’s seen an email from her father but April says she’s not taking the Paris offer seriously. Later, April discovers an email from a University in Paris offering her a position. Dex can see April really does want to go to Paris and realises that he’s the only thing holding her back. He tells April that his home is wherever she is.

John is livid and demands that Nina give him her number immediately so he can call her parents but Nina refuses. John goes to see Bianca to get the number but when he falls asleep later, he awakes to find that Jett and Nina have run away together.

Bianca talks to Heath about the troubles with the Mangrove River kids at school and Heath drags two kids into the school, thinking they were skiving, only to find that they had a free period. Ms Montgomery is there to witness this mis-step leaving Bianca furious. She doesn’t have the energy to fight after a tough day but Heath tells her that she’s an amazing teacher.