Casey and Tamara play the loving couple

Before Casey and Tamara can tell April and Dex that they’ve broken up, April railroads them into them agreeing to be Best Man and Maid of Honour. April and Dex’s combined stag and hen party kicks off and Casey and Tamara agree to keep up the charade. A reluctant Heath is dragged along to the day spa and gets Kyle to deliver pizza and beer. Later, Bianca tells an ecstatic Casey that he will be awarded his HSC based on his previous trial results.

Dex apologises to Sasha for not considering her for Best Man. Sasha gives Casey a few tips for being Dex’s Best Man, and Dex is touched when he overhears. The next morning, April receives the phone call, she’s been accepted to university… they’re moving to Paris!

Ms Montgomery pays Matt for starting the fire at Summer Bay High and asks him to make a false statement against Bianca. Before he can answer, Leah interrupts them and confronts Ms Montgomery about why she’s meeting a student on the weekend.

Later, Leah tells Matt that if he’s being bullied by Ms. Montgomery then Leah can help him but Matt brushes her off. But when Matt meets up with Ms. Montgomery later he tells her he won’t do anything for her again. Ms. Montgomery decides to trash the school.