Casey ‘comforts’ Ashley

Claire’s mum Yvonne tries to persuade her daughter to return home to her husband but Claire instead organises to meet up with Casey. Claire tells a sympathetic Casey that she’s miserable away from her family, but Casey subtly influences her to stay put. Later, Ashley struggles to look after both Joshua and the butcher’s shop and he’s grateful when Casey turns up and offers him a hand. Casey tells Ashley that she’s seen Claire and lies that Claire insisted on staying put. Casey is triumphant as she gives a devastated Ashley a comforting hug.

Leanne is furious when her agency chef turns up late and not only that, he’s inexperienced and he panics when he sees he’s expected to cope alone. Paul, Tyrone and Molly turn up at the Italian and they’re left disappointed when nearly everything is off the menu!

Liz and Vernon settle back into life together but they are tip-toeing on eggshells. Betty thinks it’s a strange situation between the pair but Liz insists that she and Vernon are stronger than ever.

Also, an excited Sean pressures Violet into taking a pregnancy test but he feels guilty when she says she’s not ready.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Ashley feels embarrassed after sharing a hug with Casey but she soothes his fears and reassures him that everything will be OK. Ashley is grateful when Casey offers to look after Josh during the day and when he gets back home he asks Casey to stay for dinner. Ashley thanks Casey for being such a good listener and he moves in for another hug – and spontaneously kisses her!

Leanne is annoyed when Paul makes some digs about her problems at the restaurant and she’s even more stung when she finds out that he’s a chef. Roger is concerned when he visits the restaurant to see that there are hardly any customers. Leanne promises Janice that Roger will get a return on his investment.

Violet tells an over-excited Sean that he has to be patient about trying for a baby. She jokes that he could do with getting himself fit and healthy in preparation for being a dad. Sean takes Violet seriously and he goes on a health kick. Violet wishes she’d never brought the subject up!

Also, Sally decides to improve herself and do an English Literature course; the Mortons get a complaint from the council about noise pollution.