Casey completely loses the plot

Casey spots Ashley leaving Freddie with Kirk at the butchers and she dupes Kirk into letting her take Freddie on the pretence of looking after him for the day. Casey bumps into Audrey and tells the puzzled hairdresser that she and Ashley are engaged. Audrey later tells Claire about Casey’s strange behaviour and Claire is suspicious.

Meanwhile, Ashley discovers that Casey has Freddie and he rushes over to Casey’s flat and forces his way in. He’s alarmed when Casey starts raving about their ‘relationship’ and Casey admits to starting the fire at the Peacocks. Ashley is horrified when Casey grabs Freddie and threatens to jump from the balcony.

David is smug when Gail is gutted that the freezer has defrosted and flooded the kitchen. An unsuspecting Gail is grateful when David makes a pretence of fixing the freezer. But David is determined to continue to punish his mum and he throws her mail in Rita’s bin.

Jerry and Eileen play it cool but arrange a date at the pictures. Jodie is less than happy when she’s left minding Kayleigh and Finlay yet again.

Also, Hayley and Becky meet up with the private investigator.

*Second episode*

Claire learns that Casey has Freddie and she and Audrey drive to Casey’s flat. Claire storms in and is horrified to find a raving Casey threatening to jump off the balcony with Freddie. Ashley whispers to Audrey to call the police. He’s forced to play along with Casey to keep her from jumping when she insists he admits his affair with her in front of Claire. Claire talks Casey into letting her have Freddie back by reminding her of her late son Rhys and Casey crumbles. Casey is led away by the police and Freddie is safe, but Claire and Ashley’s marriage has been severely rocked.

Jodie lets Kayleigh have a night out with her mates on the promise that she’ll behave, but she’s furious when a drunk Kayleigh phones to say that she’s missed the last bus. Lloyd comes to the rescue when he sees Kayleigh standing alone in the street and he brings her home. Jodie thanks Lloyd but bemoans her lot at always being stuck in with the kids and Lloyd is thoughtful.

Also, Sean and Violet are excited when they book the first scan for the baby.