When Casey and Denny spend some quality time together on the beach, Casey admits he is worried about Brax. It seems that Andy has fooled Brax into believing he is no longer dealing drugs. However, Ricky is suspicious of this new and improved Andy, but Casey and Brax reassure her, he’s a changed man.

Andy makes it clear to Hannah he wants them to be back together. When she tries to walk away, Nate steps in to tell Andy to back off. Sophie sees Hannah and Nate together and jumps to the wrong conclusion… again! Sophie turns to Leah who tells her to tackle the problem head on.

To get a bigger budget for the school prom, Sasha suggests inviting the Year Elevens. Sasha also tries to encourage Matt to apply for college, but is devastated when he tells her he won’t even be taking the end of year school exams. Meanwhile, Leah reassures Zac she is happy for him to stay.