Casey’s counsellor Natalie sees that he’s upset and eventually gets him to confide in her about his family problems, particularly that Brax doesn’t want him to have anything to do with his father. She suggests that his relationship with his father could be completely different to that of his brothers and, even though Brax later tells him about Danny’s violent behaviour, Casey retrieves the torn legal letter from the bin. What is he planning?

The medical team work on Bianca post-seizure, but Sid explains that they’ve had to put her in a coma to minimise the risk of her having a stroke. Later, however, Sid has to deliver more bad news – they’ve detected a ruptured blood vessel in Bianca’s brain.

Dex tells April that he and Lottie have split and in an intimate moment he kisses her. However, her reaction at this difficult time is not what he would have wanted…

Roo and Harvey let Lottie vent her annoyance at her mother but when it’s clear that she’s expected to return to Mel, Lottie makes herself scarce and returns to an empty house.