Casey confides in Sasha

Casey talks to Sasha about his fears for the future and they end up spending the night on the beach, only to be discovered the following morning by Natalie as she’s out running. Later, Brax and Natalie argue over the way they’re handling Casey and Brax realises he’s not behaving normally to his brother.

Determined to bring his relationship with Casey back to normality, Brax decides to show him what it’s like to fight for your life and takes him to see Dex going through his rehabilitation exercises. It certainly has an impact and Brax thanks Natalie for her advice. In return, she tells him that though their relationship is on hold, she thinks it’s worth the wait and she isn’t going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Irene suggests that April should visit Dex even though he’s rejected her. Sid tells her that though he’s starting to recover he hasn’t asked about her at all and she’s left disheartened. However, Casey suggests Dex might be trying to set her free and urges her not to give up on him. Later, April overhears two nurses being disparaging about Dex and rebukes them, only to realise that Dex has heard her and the two are reunited.