Casey divides Ashley and Claire

Claire is becoming increasingly distracted and she neglects the house and Joshua. Ashley is worried about his wife and he’s dismayed when she declares that she needs some space and she’s going to stay with her mum. Casey visits Claire at Yvonne’s and encourages Claire to think that Ashley isn’t being supportive. Devious Casey then heads straight over to see Ashley and comforts him when he gets upset.

Tyrone is irritated by Paul’s presence in the Duckworth house, especially as he seems to be getting closer to Jack. Molly is tired of Tyrone’s suspicions as they seem to be stoked by jealousy. Tyrone feels pushed to one side when Jack opts to play cards with Paul instead of him.

Leanne is short of cash and she tells Janice that she won’t be able to make her first repayment to Roger. Janice breaks the news to Roger and she feels guilty when Roger is forced to admit that he’s skint after putting all his money into the restaurant.

Also, Carla sacks Joanne again and Liam is powerless to prevent her.