As Henri tutors Casey, sexual tension runs high, but they’re interrupted by Heath who’s come to talk to Henri about his troubles. Casey is becoming more and more worried about his brother’s relationship with Henri, particularly after seeing them looking very comfortable with each other at The Diner. But when Casey expresses his concerns to Henri, she dispels his fears by kissing him.

When Irene asks Bianca to explain what’s going on between her and April, Bianca reveals that Heath is the father of her baby and that April has told him. Both Bianca and Liam struggle to deal with the situation and decide that the only way to get their marriage back on track is to move out of Beach House and away from April.

Meanwhile, April is hurt and distressed about Bianca and Liam being upset with her and turns to Dex, who is more than happy to be there for her in her time of need.