Casey finds out about Henri and Heath

Casey is devastated when April tells him that she’s broken up with Heath – and it’s because his brother has slept with Henri. Unable to control his emotions, he confronts Henri in school, asking her how she could do it after all she’d said, and Henri rushes off, clearly upset at Casey’s reaction.

Sasha is patched up by Dex and, despite her unwillingness to reveal who was behind it, she’s persuaded to tell Sid about the attack on the beach. Sid is furious and accompanies her to a meeting with Gina where Sasha is eventually convinced to reveal not only who the ringleader is but also who filmed the attack on her phone. Christy denies any involvement but is speechless when Gina shows her the video footage. She, Kate and Serena will all be expelled.

Henderson eventually speaks to Dex and, although he realises his wife will never forgive Sasha’s family, he’s eternally grateful to Sid for saving his life. Later, Sid is informed that Henderson has withdrawn his complaint against him and that he’s to be reinstated at the hospital. Sasha and Dex are hugely relieved that a move to the Outback is finally off the cards.