Casey gets a chance to shine

Miles asks Casey to represent the school at the local Science Competition, but Casey is reluctant. He doesn’t think he’d be any good. Frustrated, Miles tries to reach out to Casey as he thinks he has real potential. Eventually, Casey makes a deal with Xavier and agrees to go through with the science competition.

April is concerned about her panic attack. She goes to the hospital and gets checked out by Sid. She’s worried that her shortness of breath and heart palpitations may be leftover symptoms from inhaling the chemicals. Things don’t get much better when a birthday present finally arrives from her dad… with the wrong age on the card.

Colleen is in two minds about attending the victims of crime meeting until Morag agrees to go with her. But, at the meeting, Colleen enjoys herself immensely and thrives on hearing about everyone’s dramatic experiences, exaggerating her own to garner sympathy from the others. Colleen’s especially taken with group leader Keith.

Bianca throws April a birthday party, despite Liam suggesting that she might not want it. He’s right – April doesn’t feel like celebrating at all. And when Dex persuades Xavier to turn up, April makes it clear she doesn’t want to stay friends.

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