Henri’s tutoring of Casey leads to a steamy situation but April sees evidence of her at the Braxton house and she starts to believe that Henri is seeing Heath again. That evening, April thinks that she’ll catch Henri and Heath red-handed but is shocked to discover the teacher kissing Casey…

Elijah admits to Leah that he’d told Brax about her feelings for him and Leah is furious, saying she never wants to see him again. She tries to tell Brax that Elijah was mistaken but her lying isn’t entirely convincing, though Brax agrees to be a part of VJ’s life again. Later, Leah makes up with Elijah at his farewell party but Brax is still cautious around her.

Eddie tries to sort things out with Liam over the stolen lyrics allegation but Liam threatens legal action. A heated confrontation follows, leading to Liam smashing Eddie’s guitar! Later, Irene sides with Liam and tells Eddie to leave and not come back.

Liam, meanwhile, realises he’s channelling his feelings over the baby and agrees to try to find a solution with Bianca.