Casey has his first counselling session

Casey’s reluctant to attend his first counselling session and it takes a while before he starts opening up to counsellor Natalie, who’s very interested in his father’s situation. Later, Casey asks Brax some questions about their father but Brax shuts him down, believing them better off without him.

Meanwhile, Heath visits their father, Danny, in jail. He’s not welcomed initially but they soon find themselves getting to know each other. At the end of the visit, Danny admits that he regrets letting his family go and Heath realises he shouldn’t let go of his.

Romeo returns home from hospital and Ruby is enthusiastic about starting up their new surf business but when Indi pays a visit, she starts to pick holes in the business plan. Nevertheless, Romeo’s enthusiasm returns when Ruby tells him she’s giving him $10,000 to buy store merchandise.

And when Hayley comes looking for Liam, both Brax and Leah tell her to leave him well alone. Heath, however, pays her to gather information about his father’s legal situation.