Casey has to choose

Casey learns that Sasha saw him with Tamara and she tells him to choose between them. He’s got to go to jail for two days and decides to make his decision before he goes – he doesn’t want to be dwelling on it throughout his detention. But how does he choose? Then Brax suggests that he doesn’t have two choices; he has three. Casey asks Sasha and Tamara to meet him and tells them his weekly detention isn’t going to be good for a relationship; he just wants to be friends with both of them. Later, Brax drops Casey off for his first night of detention and tells him to keep his head down and stay out of trouble.

April and Dex are back together but Dex still feels he’s being smothered. He apologises to Sid but asks him to let him live his own life and is surprised to find his father is quite understanding. This is short-lived, however, as both Sid and April continue to treat him like an invalid.

Jamie’s friendship with Heath is developing but it all seems to be part of a plot orchestrated by Adam. Jamie asks his father why they’re doing this and Adam slaps him down – he wants Heath to stop stirring up trouble. But what’s he got in store for the Braxton brother?