Casey identifies with Andy’s troubles

Denny returns from her fishing trip, and has a romantic meal with Casey, where Denny fills him in on Andy’s drug dealing antics. However, Casey is quick to show empathy as he and his brothers have also had their fair share of dodgy dealings. When Casey arrives at the gym to find Andy sleeping there, he realises the extent of his troubles.

Matt comes up with a plan to use his school captain position to acquire some extra free periods and says he needs some extra time to balance his responsibilities. However, his face falls when Sophie says she’ll open up the school earlier so he can have some extra study time.

Sophie realises Leah has seen through her and tells Nate that Leah believes he sacrificing too much for her. Leah speaks to Nate suggesting that Sophie’s pain is more intense when he is around. Frustrated, Nate tells Leah to keep her opinions to herself.

Roo is hurt to find out she has not been asked to be Maid of Honour, who tries to rectify the situation by making her a bridesmaid without asking John.