Casey is arrested!

Ricky tries to end things with Brax, telling him she’s not that different from Adam, but Brax reveals he wishes Adam was alive. Later, Adam calls and makes it clear that Ricky’s being watched and not to blow it.

Adam calls in an anonymous tip to the cops and organises for the package that Kyle got from his ‘job’ to be left at Casey’s. Casey finds the package at the front door and tells Jett to run, as the cops arrive to arrest him and find the gun Ricky has planted along with the money, which they say is from a robbery. All these things violate Casey’s parole. When Brax hears Casey’s been arrested, he’s convinced Casey’s been set up.

Tamara spies Kyle adding the money he earned doing illegal jobs for Ricky to the Angelo’s takings. Kyle begs her to keep quiet – he has no motive and he didn’t transfer money to Connie. Tamara reveals her suspicions to Ricky about Kyle. Ricky informs Adam that Tamara’s suspicious, but he refuses to stop.

Alf tells Marilyn he’s worried that she’s too involved with John and Jett. Later, Roo tells Marilyn that her generosity could lead John to read too much into their friendship.