Casey offers to take Denny on a romantic trip away from the Bay. However, their plans come to a grinding halt when Casey hears that Josh has been kidnapped. Worried, Denny tells Brax what Casey is getting himself into. Brax gets Kyle to leave the formal in a bid to help Casey rescue Josh from Jake Pirovic. When the brothers finally get to the hideout where Jake is, bullets are fired and Casey gets shot.

Oscar asks Maddy to dance at the prom, just as friends, but she is swept off her feet. Matt tries to get Sasha to stop worrying about the details of the prom and steps in to sing live – dedicating a song to her.

When Josh is a no show at the Farm House, Evelyn decides to go the prom by herself. When she sees Josh is not there, she’s disappointed and leaves.

Zac asks Leah to dance at the prom, but she declines his offer, not realising his feelings have changed.