Casey pushes himself too far

Casey is working out in his room through the night and though Brax suspects something’s wrong, he can’t put his finger on it. He suggests Casey enter the surf carnival and Casey agrees but when he takes his board out to sea, he’s so tired he falls into the water half asleep, dreaming of his father. He almost drowns but wakes and manages to swim to the surface. Unbeknown to him, Brax has been watching from the shore and, concerned and suspicious, he breaks into Casey’s room. Realising what’s been going on Brax confronts Casey who is pushed too far and lands a hefty punch on Brax.

Harvey wakes in bed with Mel and instantly regrets what they’ve done. Then Lottie arrives home early and there’s a scramble to cover up what’s been going on. Lottie reveals that Roo has been in touch and persuades her dad to call her, upon which Harvey learns that Roo has chosen him, not Tim. Meanwhile, Mel isn’t happy but does agree not to tell Roo about their night together. Harvey returns home to a welcome from Roo, with both wanting a fresh start.

And Liam is still getting a hard time from VJ, but his intervention in VJ’s argument with Jett wins him points. Then, when VJ breaks a vase, Liam takes the blame, which is much appreciated, though VJ owns up later.