Casey rebels against Brax

Natalie calls on Brax to tell him that Casey hasn’t turned up at school, so Brax heads over to Danny’s where he finds Casey bonding with his father. Casey is rebelling against his older brother and tells him of his plans to leave school to go on a road trip with Danny. A despairing Brax has a go at Natalie who explains that she couldn’t warn him because of her obligation of confidentiality but encourages Brax not to give up on Casey and assures him that they’re on the same side.

Danny continues to charm Marilyn and she invites him for tea and cake, but when Alf arrives he warns her against having much to do with a Braxton who’s spent ten years in jail.

Xavier eventually tells his mother of his decision to leave, which sends her reeling. John tries to calm her down, explaining it’s a rite of passage to leave home but Gina’s clearly upset by the news. Meanwhile, Jett is calling every Richard Bozic in the phonebook to try to find his dad and, when Xavier gives his mum the address of the Bozic in the police database, she wonders what to do with the information.