Casey returns battered and bruised

Casey returns from prison heavily bruised and Brax isn’t happy. He heads round to Natalie’s where he confronts Zac – wasn’t he supposed to give Casey some protection? Meanwhile, Casey discovers that Brax had asked Natalie to get someone to look out for him and he’s not pleased. Later, however, both brothers have some apologising to do, and then Brax tells Casey how proud he is that he didn’t give in to Courtney. Casey suggests he may finish his HSC in prison and even study a trade, impressing his brother even more.

April wants Dex to come to the university ‘O’ week but he’s not ready for it and Irene suggests they have a toga party at the Farm. Dex jumps at the idea but Sid is dead against it. Come the night, April returns home to the surprise party and is soon unimpressed to see Dex enjoying time with his female uni friends. The tables are turned, however, when April seems preoccupied with one of the male guests. Then Sid returns home and he’s furious, insisting Dex takes things easier. But Dex is sick of being an invalid and wants to have some fun. There are consequences, however, when April accuses him of attention seeking…