Sasha and Natalie find a very hungover Casey asleep on the beach. He was drinking with his father the previous night and is still pretty drunk. Under threat of Brax being called, he agrees to accompany them to Sasha’s to clean up. While there, Natalie tries to get to the bottom of why he allowed himself to get so wiped out and, at first, it seems to be to do with the way he thinks Sasha feels about him. Sasha continues to strenuously deny any feelings for him, however, and Casey seems to accept this. Natalie believes it has something to do with his family but Casey is adamant that she stays out of his family’s business.

Bianca is still having trouble determining what’s real and what’s not but seems to have been more relaxed in the last few days. Sid warns family and friends not to argue with her, however, as it might trigger a psychotic episode and everyone is walking on eggshells. Then, while Irene’s getting a coffee, Bianca goes missing!

Bianca turns up at Leah’s house to see Liam and carries on as if they’re still together – poor Liam doesn’t know what to do! Fortunately, April calls and Heath and Sid soon arrive, though this sets Bianca off and Sid is forced to sedate her before she can be taken back to hospital.