Casey shows up drunk to Leah’s house seeking out Tamara. Gently, Tamara gets him to leave, but she’s concerned by his behaviour. Later, Casey attacks Kyle, who reveals that Casey is in danger of pushing Tamara away. Heath is angry when he hears that Kyle and Tamara have kissed and warns Kyle off.

Bianca meets up with Tamara to tell her about the brother’s angst over Kyle’s feelings for Tamara. Tamara can’t believe that she didn’t have feelings for Kyle before she lost her memory. Tamara goes to Kyle asking if he loves her still, but he’s hesitant to answer. Tamara reveals to Kyle and Casey she’s leaving town. In a bid to stop her, Kyle holds her and kisses her.

Harvey and Roo worry that Marilyn is unhappy since she came home from John’s. In a bid to make Marilyn happy, Irene and Roo collude to let Marilyn make tofu wrap ‘thingies’ for the lunch specials.

They also request that Marilyn does Feng Shui in the house to distract her from no longer being with John. When Marilyn discovers the tofu wraps and the Feng Shui were just a way to make her feel needed she’s angry at being patronised. Finally, Roo gets Marilyn to admit that she’s lonely, and that she has feelings for John.