Casey starts to talk to Natalie

Natalie uses her powers of persuasion to get through to Casey and he eventually reveals how he came to be at the robbery, though he’s unwilling to go any further. Meanwhile, Sergeant Watson tells Brax that without Casey’s testimony it’s not going to be clear to any court that Danny had coerced his son into doing the robbery. Then Brax realises that Danny had always wanted Casey to take the blame; he had money and a single plane ticket and was planning to frame his own son.

Jett spends his last day with Gina and John before going to live with his real father but Gina is miserable over losing him and John tries to persuade her to cheer up, for Jett’s sake. Gina joins in the fun, and makes it such a great day that Jett has a change of heart and declares that he doesn’t want to live with Richard. He wants to stay with them…

Harvey suspects Tim’s trying to seduce Roo and she realises that Tim’s business proposal contains a lot of her own ideas.

And Marilyn announces that she’s organising a funeral for Danny, much to Brax’s annoyance.