Casey wants Heath to talk to Brax

Bianca wants Heath to consider that Brax didn’t transfer the money to Connie. Brax is angry with Heath about his assumption, but Casey maintains that he does have a history of blocking the brothers from people Brax thinks are bad for them.

Brax is pleased to see Ricky, who starting to feel guilty about her actions. She realises that the story Adam’s fed her is a lie and that Brax truly believed that Adam was dead when he left him on the road. When she tries to explain to Adam that Brax cares about him, Adam threatens that unless she does as she’s told he’ll kill Brax.

Afraid of losing Indi, Chris lies and says he only wants a fling. But when she and Chris go to the gym office and begin to get intimate, Indi suddenly realises she’s using him. She admits to Roo that her fling with Chris was to get over Romeo. The two amicably break it off with Chris telling her his door is always open.

Spencer’s hurt to realise Maddy doesn’t want to be with him, and they only got back together because she felt pity for him. And Leah calls saying she needs Irene to come see her and VJ in Greece.