Casey volunteers to make sure Maddy gets home but discovers she and Josh have taken off on him. When he finds her making out with Josh he insists on taking her home. Josh and his brother Andy get involved, before Maddy steps in and tells Casey to take her home.

In the car, Casey and Maddy find their way to back to being friends just as a jeep looms up behind them and rams Casey’s car, flipping it over. Andy and Josh drive away in the jeep leaving Casey and Maddy motionless in the car. Casey wakes up and sees flames coming from the engine. He pulls an unconscious Maddy free before the car explodes leaving them motionless in the grass.

As Pippa picks up on Marilyn’s feelings for John, Winston arrives to collect the keys to the Blaxland. After everyone else has fallen asleep, Winston and Marilyn stay up talking and he helps renew Marilyn’s faith in love.

As Heath and Bianca’s wedding winds up, Sally thanks them for creating the wishing well for Pippa. Sally meets Brax for the first time and he explains about Rocco and asks about the cost of Pippa’s treatment. Bianca and Heath discover someone has covered their flat in candles and rose petals.