Casey’s determined to find Brax

Casey asks Zac to help find Brax through the prison system. Zac warns it won’t be easy, but he’ll help. When Zac comes up with Brax’s whereabouts, Casey’s ecstatic – he’s going to visit Brax in jail.

Evelyn’s unhappy that Oscar’s met Denny, but Oscar’s unapologetic. He organises for their family to have dinner but it all unravels when Denny arrives and Evelyn storms out. Denny comes by later to apologise. She didn’t realise it was a set-up. However, Evelyn’s still angry and suggests that Denny might not even be their sister. Zac asks Denny if she has any proof that she’s related, and pushed to her limit, Denny decides to leave.

Leah suggests Jett show Darcy around school. However, Bianca is annoyed when she sees Darcy bullying another girl she’s jealous of – it seems her crush on Jett is having a bad effect on her. When Bianca admonishes her, Darcy attempts to manipulate Bianca into thinking her memory is playing tricks on her. Bianca talks to Darcy and tells her she knows Darcy used her memory loss against her. Darcy is ashamed and apologises.

Alf advises Harvey to make up with Spencer before he leaves. Elsewhere, Roo reveals to Alf her disappointment by the way her marriage has ended.