Casey’s determined to self-destruct

Brax is told that Casey isn’t accepting help from anyone and doesn’t even want the expensive solicitor that he’s arranging. Nevertheless, Brax posts bail and Casey is brought home, but Heath is not pleased to see his father’s killer and attacks his younger brother on their doorstep.

Casey is determined to punish himself for what he’s done and heads out for a walk. He sees Sergeant Watson near Heath and the River Boys and attacks his brother, determined to breach his bail conditions. He gets his wish and the cops take him in again. Casey clearly believes he deserves jail for what he’s done.

Roo isn’t pleased when Alf asks Tim to stay for dinner and, as the evening progresses and Tim reveals some of his history with her, Harvey is made to feel more and more uncomfortable. Later, Tim surprises Roo with news that he plans to start a new business in the city and therefore plans to move to Australia for good – news that obviously has an impact on Roo.

And Marilyn is still clearly upset at Danny’s deception.