Casey, dreading his court case the next day, is unimpressed to find Heath’s thrown a raging party at their house. When he eventually appears in court, Casey’s lawyer – the attractive Hayley – outs Charlie’s relationship with Brax. Casey is found guilty and sentenced to 30 days in Juvenile Detention.

Dex loses track of Sasha at the Year 12 party, but finally finds her in the back seat of Stu’s car. With Roo’s help he delivers her home. Sid is worried about Sasha but takes the opportunity to have a late night cuppa with his ex. The nightcap is cut short, however, when Sid presses Roo about the dangers of seeing Harvey.

The next day, Dex gives Sasha an ultimatum – she has 24 hours to end things with Stu or he’ll spill the beans about ALL of last night’s indiscretions to Sid. When Stu hears of Dex’s threat he tries a softer approach. He’ll keep her away from the River Boys, if he can still see Sasha.

Miles has been fretting since Leah told him she doesn’t want any more kids. After much deliberation, he confronts Leah about it and assures her he’s OK with not having more children – Leah and VJ are all the family he needs.