Casey tells Ruby that Brax is planning a revenge attack against Hammer, and reveals he’s worried for his brother’s safety. He orders Ruby to stay away from Tegan’s funeral because she doesn’t belong. But is it more a case of him being genuinely afraid of what might transpire..?

Cheryl Braxton is also worried about what might be ahead, and tells Charlie she’ll identify the shooter if it protects her son from causing further trouble. Casey refuses to attend the funeral, instead hatching his own plan to protect Brax.

At the funeral, Cheryl points out the shooter and the police arrest him. They bring Brax in for questioning because there’s been a fire at Jake’s headquarters. He has no idea who the arsonist is, but when Casey returns home – shaking and upset – it’s evident he’s the one responsible.

Irene returns from hospital after her operation and April is annoyed by how chaotic Gypsy’s life is. She’s worried it will hamper Irene’s recovery. Gypsy admits to Irene she’s fallen in love, but her daughter Lily has been misbehaving and clearly disapproves of the new man in her mum’s life.