Cash-strapped Sam turns to crime!

Ever since Tracy turned up in the village, Sam’s been hemorrhaging cash to keep her happy, and now he’s got a credit card to keep her in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed. So when he gets the bill, he finds out just how much money he’s been spending on his money-grabbing lady friend! Later, when Kerry is on community service with Sam she spots him trying to steal so warns him not to do anything silly because he’s got Samson to look after…

Laurel’s dad Doug arrives in the village for her wedding, which is in a few days, and it’s clear he’s got his reservations about his daughter getting married to Marlon. But he’s not alone because it seems the couple are having their doubts, too! When Laurel and Doug walk in on Marlon while he’s watching something on his camera, he quickly turns it off. Later, however, Laurel’s concerned when she discovers he was watching a video of his dearly departed ex-wife, Donna!

Charity’s rattled when Megan reveals that Declan is having doubts about his wife having a miscarriage. Desperate to cover her tracks, Charity asks Chas to tell Declan that she had the abortion, but her friend refuses point blank. Later, Charity’s put on the spot when Declan asks Charity to accompany him to the abortion clinic to prove she didn’t have a termination. How will she get out of this one?