Cass steals Elle’s cat

Donna has had enough and decides to ‘divorce’ her mother and live with Elle again. Cass is rattled by the request and tries to emotionally blackmail Donna. Set on revenge, Cass steals Elle’s cat. Convinced that Cass is responsible, Donna lures her to Charlie’s so Elle can search her house.

Alone together, Cass and Donna manage to form some sort of truce, while Elle discovers the cat under Number 24. Overwhelmed by her fear of confined spaces, Elle is unable to rescue the cat and seeks help from Declan. Declan succeeds but fails to notice exposed electrical wiring under the house.

Dan is hopeful that the success of the school play will guarantee him the permanent principal position. But his hopes are shattered when Sunny and Zeke present him with a petition. The students think the play is boring and if Dan doesn’t come up with something more modern, there’ll be no play.

Callum slips Dan a copy of another play. Everyone thinks it’s perfect – except for Toadie, who reveals he’s the author and that the story is based on the relationship between him and Steph. Dan convinces him that with a few minor changes nobody will ever see the similarities. Toadie reluctantly agrees and a new creative partnership is born.

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