Cassie and Ric clean up Reuben’s mess

Cassie and Ric are shocked to arrive home to find the complete devastation left behind by Reuben and his mates. Matilda thinks everyone is blaming her for the damage as the vandals were her friends, and Ric apologises for making her feel guilty, but it’s not enough to cheer her up. Feeling alone and lost, Matilda is finding it increasingly difficult to deal with Beth’s death and Kit’s departure. Secretly, she packs a bag and heads for the road, where she’s picked up by a kombi van. It seems Matilda is running away.

Jack plans a special afternoon for Martha so he can finally tell her he loves her. But he is completely thrown when he accidentally finds their divorce papers amongst Martha’s belongings. Hoping that perhaps she has decided not to go ahead with the divorce, Jack decides to fish for information. But things go wrong when both Jack and Martha misread each other’s feelings and end up signing the papers. Unfortunately, unknown to both of them, they are both completely devastated by what they’ve done.

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