Cassie freaks Aden out!

Inspired by Miles candid revelation of his past life living on the streets, Cassie bravely decides to discuss her experience of HIV with the students at school. Her news horrifies Aden, who panics and flees. She then realises his extreme reaction is due to him remembering her tending to him after the crash, where both of them had open wounds. Could she have unwittingly infected him?

Having learned the depths that Sam can sink to, Jack is initially sceptical that she is conveniently pregnant. But he can’t argue with a pregnancy test, leaving him with a hard decision to make. As Sam takes Rory to stay at her sister’s, Jack must decide if he’ll let Johnny Cooper’s murderer get away with it, or send his pregnant wife to jail.

Rachel is unconcerned when she learns that Tony took Jazz to his reunion, and seems far more worried about whatever Sam and Jack are going through. Meanwhile, with Jazz having admitted defeat in winning over Tony, she and Rachel are on the way to becoming friends.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday May 6*

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