Cassie gets some devastating news

Henk asks Martha to go with Cassie to the doctors, but Martha insists Henk needs to be there for Cassie. At the doctors Cassie is informed that she is HIV positive. Overwhelmed by the news, Cassie runs out of the surgery. Henk chases after her, but she wants him to leave her alone. Not watching where she’s going, Cassie is hit by a car.

Cassie wakes up in hospital, with Martha by her side and is relieved to learn that her baby is fine. Later, Cassie agrees to see Henk, who is adamant that they can get through this together. Meanwhile, having heard that Cassie is in hospital, Ric, Matilda, Belle and Drew turn up, desperate to know what’s wrong.

They are all waiting in the corridor when they hear Cassie kick Henk out of her room, yelling at him about the horror of being 18, pregnant and HIV positive. Despite their shock, her friends reassure Cassie, but she makes them promise not to tell anyone.

Also, Sally confides in her counsellor about her confusion of wanting to help Miles – a man she barely knows. She also admits she’s worried she’s going crazy, after seeing the name of her imaginary childhood friend written on the sand…

*Showing on RTE One, Friday March 14*

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