Cassie is dumped

Cassie has been counting down the days till her last exam, eager to get on with her life with Henk. Belle, however, is nowhere to be seen when the exam commences. After the test is over, excited Cassie confides in Matilda that she is looking forward to going away with Henk. However, Henk later seeks out Cassie to tell her that he’s ending the relationship.

Brad and Sally rally round to support the heartbroken Cassie, and in doing so, find themselves drawn closer. In the heat of the moment, they share an intimate kiss, unaware that Colleen is watching. Are Sally and Brad on the road to reconciliation?

After Brad catches her gambling, Heather swears to Brad it was a one-off and convinces him to keep her indiscretion a secret. She embarks on a job search but has no luck until Leah offers her a job at the Diner.

When Aden complains of stomach pains, unsympathetic Dan assumes it’s an act to avoid his exam and sends him to prepare for the important test. But when Aden later collapses in agony, Dan is riddled with guilt.

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