Cassie is given a reality check

In the city, when Cassie is approached by a man, she suddenly breaks down crying. She explains to Ric that being hit on by a guy will never be the same again because she’ll have to tell any new man that she’s HIV positive. Later, Martha and Matilda arrive in the city to deliver the bad news about Sally’s attack and Dan’s death. As they struggle to deal with the news, Cassie decides it’s time to return to the Bay to be there for Sally.

As she walks down the wharf, Annie is confronted by Aden who lays into her for lying to the police, telling her that she was the one who stole the alcohol, got drunk and passed out. An argument breaks out until Roman arrives and orders Aden to clear off. Meanwhile, Annie begins to remember reaching for the bottle and realises Aden isn’t at fault. But it’s too late, as Jack arrests Aden for molesting Annie.

Aden returns from the police station, having been officially charged. At the Diner, an irate Irene tells him to get out, but Aden remains defiant. Irene grabs him in an effort to remove him, leaving Aden clutching his leg in agony.

Also, Amanda returns to the Bay.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday April 4*

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