Cassie is the talk of the town

As the news of Cassie’s HIV status spreads around the school, ignorant Geoff ends up blaming Cassie for her illness, convinced she’s been a victim of God’s punishment. It’s left to Irene to set him straight, but when other students show similar ignorance, Miles is forced to explain the facts to them. Meanwhile, Cassie is more worried about Aden than what people are saying about her.

Alone and terrified that he may be HIV positive, Aden does his best to distract himself with a game of pool. But when he makes another disparaging comment towards Colleen, Morag decides it’s time to get to the bottom of his attitude. She challenges him to a game of pool; if he wins, she’ll give him a thousand dollars, if he loses, he’ll have to answer some questions.

Aden can’t resist, but when he ends up being beaten soundly by Morag, he is forced to come clean. He opens up, hinting at a past trauma at the hands of his grandfather, but his admission only leaves Morag with more questions than answers.

Also, a time capsule found beneath the town’s war memorial reveals that Colleen is Alf and Morag’s half-sister.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday May 7*

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